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Dragon Quest III: An HD 2D Remake Announced With The Producer Of Octopath Traveler

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The online event to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the venerable Dragon Quest saga will certainly have given the opportunity to discover the name of the twelfth episode, but Square Enix was keen to live up to the moment, by unveiling a remake of the episode most dear to the hearts of the Japanese.

Between two spin-offs and an offline version of Dragon Quest X, Yuji Horii unveiled Dragon Quest III HD 2D, a remake of the most cult episode of the saga, which will take advantage of the Octopath Traveler engine to offer a new look to the legendary hero Roto and his gang of multi-class fighters.

What classes

The game which makes it possible to highlight at each of its mentions the famous launch video which pushed many employees and schoolchildren not to take their usual route is therefore offered a remake in due form after many ports, the most recent going back to Dragon Quest 1 + 2 + 3 Collection.

It is to the producer of Octopath Traveler Masaaki Hayasaka that has been entrusted with this redesign with the sweet scent of 32-bit RPG, which he hopes to target to old and new alike. Dragon Quest III HD 2D should like Dragon Quest XII enjoy a worldwide and simultaneous release on consoles.

Asked about the choice to tackle the third opus first, Horii unrolled his arguments like so many cards:

Players would obviously have wanted to start with Dragon Quest, then Dragon Quest II, but the ending of III is quite peculiar, and maybe we'll do the same for the first two episodes after the III is released.

Despite the insistence of communicators who tried to silence him, the creator wanted to maintain his desire to revamp the entire Roto trilogy, since Dragon Quest III occupies the place of prequel in its unfolding.

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